Sunday, August 12, 2007

This is Herkimer Diamond Mines, in Herkimer, New York.

Okay. Since "Big Daddy" had his knee surgery almost a month ago, we haven't really gone and done anything as family. In reading a copy of Parents magazine last week, while getting Trey's nostril cauterized and Molly's big toe stitched back together, I discovered that WAAAAAAAAAAAAY upstate New York has an honest-to-goodness mine that you can go to, and bust rocks, looking for "diamonds."

Now, ya'll. My kids pick up rocks that they find in the play gravel area of Home Depot, or Lowe's, and are like, "Mama, look! Is this worth a lot of money, or what?" So you KNOW this is going to be a big deal, for them to be able to bust open a rock, and find a REAL diamond!

No, they are NOT real diamonds; they are, however, real pieces of quartz, that, evidently, have eighteen facets to each piece, and are clear, just like the real thing!

Here is a picture of a Herkimer diamond:

We are planning on going this upcoming Wednesday, as long as Daddy-O's knee is feeling okay. Should these plans fall through, I think the kids and I will go and see another movie. We've already seen Ratatouille, and with the exception of one h-e-double hockey sticks, fared pretty well, at least as far as Disney is concerned. I mean, this mama enjoyed it, so I figure I got my $6.50 a piece worth, right?

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