Monday, August 13, 2007

Okay. Here's the deal. I came across a few sites that I plan on visiting FREQUENTLY; they are blogs that are kind of "rings," if you will, of Christian moms who have blogs, and who communicate via the Internet.

Anyway! Here's the BIG deal, for you to see!

If you go to the following link:

By clicking on this link, you will have the opportunity to leave a comment, and possibly win a 37-inch flat panel television! The only catch is that you have until August 17th, so hurry, and go there NOW!

Here's a photo of the television that is posted on their site, in case you're interested, and, by the way, it's an Insignia television, courtesy of Best Buy, and is valued at $799.99.

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jesse said...

Hi just thought I would drop a line-I'm from Moms of Grace. Like your blog!