Saturday, August 18, 2007

I don't know if anyone is venturing out into the vastness of the Internet after reading through my blog entries, but I have come across a few places that you absolutely MUST visit, if you haven't yet.

Here's the first one:

1. BooMama. Ya'll, (and if she were to read this, I think I would probably just about wet myself, because what if she left me a comment)? AAAHHH! Anywho, the thing about BooMama is the fact that she has GOT TO BE the funniest lady since my public library's WONDERFUL Dewey Decimal system introduced me to Erma Bombeck, may the good Lord rest her soul.
To prove JUST how funny she is, I read an entire posting to my mama this morning, while I had her on the phone long distance, dang the charges! (There weren't any charges, ya'll, but if there were... well, dang 'em, I say)! So here's the posting. If you don't improve your life drastically by reading the post, well, then, ya'll, I can't say that you weren't told to!

Second one...

2. Big Mama. I don't know a WHOLE lot about Big Mama yet; (boy, I really make myself sound like I know a lot about a lot of things, don't I)? Anywho, Big Mama is funny, too, ya'll! I was reading through a posting that Big Mama had, from her archives, and I could have sworn that she had met one of my grandmothers, and had had to survive through various situations with her. (LOOOOOOONG story for another time, if I can even summon up enough wherewithall to post it). So here's THAT posting. Again, if you don't read it, and improve your life, I cannot be held accountable for things. I just don't need that kind of pressure.

I really made it sound like I had a lot of things to direct ya'll to do, didn't I? Well. Whistle, whistle. Rocking back and forth on heels of shoes. Twiddle of each thumb, opposingly.

Here's something funny I discovered today. And it ain't "ha ha" funny, either. I sent the link to my blog to my parents, and do you know what? I asked my mama this morning, if she and Daddy were keeping up with us, reading about all of our wild adventures, and she tells me, "Oh, your daddy clicked into it, but then we saw just how long it was, and well, Bethie, we just didn't really think we had the time."

Didn't have the time.


This from the woman who tells me that the reason why the "time received" on the majority of the e-mails that my daddy sends me is generally before 5 a.m. because, well, "Bethie, when you get old, you just can't spend all that time in bed anymore!"


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Molly Coddled said...

The Boo and Big Mamas are both very funny and what's better is they are both extremely sweet. You have good taste in blogs that for sure.

I saw your comment over at Boomama's and followed it over. It's nice to meet you.