Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Monday, internetty friends!

We had an uneventful weekend for the past couple of days. On Saturday, we went over to our neighbors at the Maple Ridge Community, and bought some fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as freshly baked bread! You can find out more about our neighbors here.
After getting all those beeyootiful fruits and veggies, we grilled some zucchini and eggplant for Saturday evening's dinner. That was accompanied by cube steak and cast-iron skillet fried potatoes and onions. Aside from the usual picky eaters (also known as CHILDREN), it was a really good meal.

Sunday, after church, we went over to visit my mother-in-law, and while there, we discovered that the annual Artists' Soapbox Derby was going on. Whoohoo! The kids always enjoy going and seeing what kind of creations that people come up with for the show. The only drawback to this is the vast amount of "different" people that we usually encounter while going to things like this. The picture that is featured in this post is from the derby, and the Puff the Magic Dragon-like creature that you see is an actual race car that was created by a group of people, and was raced down the hill in my mother-in-law's neighborhood.

The real fun part of living up here in New York seems to be all the different parades that we get to attend here! As of today's date, which is August 20, 2007, we have attended probably five different parades. Let's see. We've gone to a Saint Patrick's Day parade, a Memorial Day parade, two Fourth of July parades (the town that my mother-in-law lives in has a really big shindig for the 4th, but it occurs the weekend BEFORE the 4th, because there's an adjoining town that really puts all out, and well, they don't want to be shown up... don't ask...), and then we attended a Children's Day parade, which Trey starred in. Well, starred is a strong word. He didn't really star so much as ride in the parade. Well, rode in kind of signifies that he was, like, a real big part of the parade, doesn't it? Hmmm. He was in the back end of a pickup truck, and was the last "float" that was featured, but he didn't get to throw any candy. He did, however, keep himself in the truck's bed, instead of falling out on his head, like he did last summer, whilst as summer camp, in an attempt to retrieve his Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards. Before anybody goes nominating me for Mother of the Year, he was riding in a train that the Bruderhof community had brought down for the kids to ride in. (One of those little deals that you can ride in the shopping mall).

We are some boring people, aren't we?

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