Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We're almost in August! I can't get over just how quickly this summer seems to be flying! The picture that you are viewing with this post is due to the fact that "Big Daddy" had arthroscopic knee surgery this past Thursday. He had hurt himself this past April (or so he thinks) and, as a result, went to his orthopedist a few weeks ago, had an MRI, and then was scheduled for surgery.

Which led me to learn the following things about myself:

(Some of these I am NOT that proud of, so I am humbling myself at this point...)

1. I do not enjoy it when others do not want to accept my help
2. I get upset when members of my family are hurting, both physically and emotionally
3. I actually enjoy visiting others in the hospital (weird, huh?)
4. I really don't like waiting in my children's pediatricians office when one of my kids is crying, and the receptionist can't be bothered to stop and ask if I need help
5. I feel guilty when I think "meanie-head" things about my husband, who can hardly walk without a set of crutches (e.g., why can't he at least help me fold some laundry?)
6. I don't like being the only "rep" for my son at his Little League All Stars game
7. I like watching my son play baseball, especially when he is at bat
8. I cry when my son (my daughter doesn't hardly ever tear up with this) gets shots or medical procedures (like his nose cauterization this morning) (!)
9. I like feeling like my help is absolutely necessary to life itself
10. I enjoy having a doctor listen to me when I have to explain something; this small act of listening makes me feel as if I matter in a situation

And, because I am truly a librarian, and REALLY anal, I had to have ten things to list. Because if my list was an odd number, or didn't have a rhyme or reason to its numbers, then I wouldn't be able to leave this post up.


Come on, September! I'm ready to get back to catalogin' and shelvin' my books!

OH! And...

The back part of my library was being remodeled this summer; getting a wall knocked down, new furniture, new laptops, the whole shebang! I can't wait to get back to my nerdy library ways! Woohoo for me!

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