Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ya'll! Today, I went to New York City (sans kids, husband, and any responsibilities)! My very good friend, with whom I teach junior high, invited me to travel down to the city and sit in the studio audience for a live "taping" of The View!

We had a really good time, especially getting to visit with each other on the train ride down to the city, reading trashy stuff, like The Enquirer, and catching up on what's happening with our families, since we haven't seen each other for over a month!

Well! While we were on The View, we "met" such folks as Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and guest co-host Chelsea Handler. The guests on today's show were Julia Stiles, who is an actress, and is appearing in the most recent "Bourne Identity" movie with Matt Damon. Also on the show was Zac Efron, who is appearing in "Hairspray" with John Travolta, and who was in the Disney movie "High School Musical."

We stood outside of the ABC studios for about two and a half hours, waiting to get inside, and once inside, waited another hour. Once inside the actual studio, we were handed a bottle of Pomegranate Blueberry juice, a package of Keebler chocolate chip cookies, and a bag of mini Fudge Stripes cookies. Nice, right?

So! We are instructed on how to "behave" for the show, i.e., when to clap/hoot/holler/stand, blah, blah, blah. It was REALLY fun, and, YA'LL. Ya'll, they gave us gifts! Here's what we were given: a gift card from SEPHORA! If you don't know what Sephora is, go to it RIGHT NOW! It is the BEST place in the world, and better than the website is the actual store itself.

Well, you ask, how much of a gift card did you get, girl? $100 bucks, baby! It was great! Here's what I got with my FREE $100 gift card!

Check it out:

This is the absolute BEST facial cleanser in the entire world. This is purity made simple, by philosophy, and my lowercase letters are because of philosophy. THEY are the ones who use all lowercase letters, because, like children, it puts you into a mindset of looking for only good in the world. This product was $32.00, so my FREE Sephora card is now down to $68.00 balance. Moving on!

This product, called Celebutante Shimmer Spray, is by Tarte. This fab product is a lightly scented shimmer spray that is a dry oil. It reminds me of coconut suntan lotion, and I HAD to have it! This product was $28.00, so my FREE Sephora card is now down to $40.00. Next!

Lastly, is my new love from philosophy. I currently wear amazing grace or baby grace fragrance from philosophy, but received a sample of this fragrance a while back, and decided to try it for a LONG while today. This is a lightly lemon-y scent, with notes of vanilla and white flowers. NICE! So! This product was $45.00, and since I had $40.00 left, I ended up paying $5.00 (plus tax, of course) for all of my BEAUTIFUL new things!

I had a great day!

Tomorrow, I'll let you guys know about our lunch, which was also taped for television! I'm not even kiddin'!

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