Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well. Time has gone by, and I find myself reminiscing about things that used to be in my childhood, but can't be found in today's day and time. Remember the candy that your grandma or great-grandma would put out in a bowl around the holidays? I remember my "Memaw" would put out this hard candy, but it had different kinds of fillings inside each one of them, and it wasn't like the generic garbage that is sold nowadays. Sigh. It was good.
My husband the other day was asking me if I remembered "toaster pizzas." Toaster pastries? Nope. Toaster pancakes? Nuh uh. Toaster strudel? Toaster PIZZA, Beth. Pizza, like you get from a pizzeria. Can't say that I recall this one, but he promises me that there was a company that made pizzas that had cheese and sauce inside a circular cracker-like crust. He said that you had to make sure to poke holes in them, or else your filling would be partly frozen, or just cold. Ewww. I think I'm glad I don't recall these things. Yuck.
Here's another one that I remember, but can't say that I've seen around anywhere: Kaboom cereal. My Granddaddy bought it for me one time, and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! I remember it didn't have marshmallows, or prizes or anything, but it was really good. I think it was colored, but again, maybe my childhood recollections aren't what they used to be? I know it was in a yellow box with a clown on the front. I think that was the only time I ever had it, but boy, it was good. (Probably was the absolute worst thing that a child could eat, but since my Granddaddy let me run the show, it was like eating manna from heaven, right?)
Wonder what my parents (who are 58 and 59 years of age) remember, but is no longer around? I bet it's vastly different from the few items I just described, and I imagine that those items are nothing like what my grandmother and mother-in-law would remember from their days gone by.
I shudder to think about what today's generation (and future generations) will reminisce about. I can see it now: my soon-to-be 7 year-old will wonder about whatever happened to "Airheads" candy, but more importantly, will call me up, frantically asking about his 3,768 piece collection of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon trading cards. No baseball players need apply!

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