Saturday, February 03, 2007

So another month has gone by, and the ol' groundhog didn't see his shadow. Now, really, are we putting that much faith into a rodent? Folks, I have to question those of us who are THAT certain in whether or not Punxsutawney Phil crawls out to sunshine or clouds. Maybe that's how the weathermen figure out their forecasts? Makes me wonder...

Onto more of my heartwarming cynicism! Let's take a random topic... oh, I don't know... how 'bout the upcoming Presidential election? Nahhh. Everyone's discussing THAT. How about... I got it! Which is better: Cool Whip or real whipped cream?

You know, I once saw the Martha Stewart Living Show (this is before the infamous insider trading/information deal, you guys) in which Martha has her banker (do you have your own personal banker? Just a question.) Anyway, Martha's personal banker comes on the show, and of course, Martha is going to instruct her friend how to propertly create some dessert. Or maybe the friend was showing Martha this hillbilly dessert. WELL! Martha's banker friend whips out Cool Whip. Ya'll. Really. Martha's face just about fell off her head. She looks at her friend, gives one of those snickery laughs, and tells the camera (of course, her audience) that those who would rather, REAL whipped cream would be a more appropriate substitute.

Now how snotty is that? We talked about this at work a few weeks ago. I myself enjoy Cool Whip as opposed to REAL whipped cream. I mean, NO, they don't taste like each other, and frankly, I don't know who would think Cool Whip would pass for the taste of real whipped cream, do you? But thinking back on my childhood, I enjoyed Cool Whip, and my children now enjoy it also. But of course, regular/plain Cool Whip just won't do, and the Cool Whip company has come out with strawberry, chocolate, French vanilla flavor, and all other weird things that they have brought out of their think tank.

So, if the Cool Whip people are reading my blog (and I'm SURE they are! ;oD ), I appreciate the wonderful concoction that you have given to us Americans! I don't think Thanksgiving would be the same without you!

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countrymomma said...

Hi Beth!!

It's D. ~ your freshman year suite mate!! aka ~ Mrs. Eskimo!!

I found you through the University's alumni site. Your kids are such cuties!!

R. and I are still going strong. He is self employed as an L.L.C. programming. ~Still just as silly as ever. We have 10 year old daughter and 8 year old son. I home school them and am the full time caretaker of my dad. He's 73 now with Parkinson's and dementia. ~My third kid! :-)

Right now, we live in my hometown. We are planning on moving toward the end of this year. We are going to get a small farm out in the sticks complete with cows, chickens, goats ~ the whole nine yards! ~~Yes, I did just say that! I've turned out to be a down-home country mom and love every minute of it. Who knew? Lol. I'll have to do something with my account here so you can see pictures of the children.

~~ Oh yeah, it's Cool Whip all the way. Most definitely.

Glad to find you again.