Sunday, April 08, 2007

Here comes Peter Cottontail...hoppin' down the Bunny Trail, hippity-hoppity, Easter's on its way...

Happy Easter, everyone! The picture that is featured in this post is the most recent picture of my family. We got the opportunity to visit with my parents, the likes of whom we haven't seen in over two and a half years! We speak quite frequently on the telephone, but haven't had the financial means to make the trip to South Florida, so luckily for us, the Grammy and the PawPaw came up to Ulster Park, New York, to visit with us! The kids really enjoyed getting to see their grandparents, especially Molly Ann, who hasn't seen either of my parents since she was about eighteen months old. She just turned four years old. I had to show her a picture of her Grammy and PawPaw to remind her just who it was that was coming to see her and her brother!

The picture that appears above features the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. We all took the trip down last week, and happened to be visiting on post while they were playing a rugby game. We didn't stay for the game, but really enjoyed seeing all the historic "stuff" on campus. (That just feels weird to call West Point a campus, but I guess, in all reality, it is both a campus and a post, for those who serve our country).

We also visited New York City last week! My parents, for the first time ever, got the opportunity to see Times Square, which is frequently featured on Fox News Channel, and they enjoyed getting to see Central Park, Toys R Us (I think my kids enjoyed that a teeny bit more than any of the adults involved), but overall, the entire family enjoyed their time together. It was FAR too long in coming!

Since this is an entry that has NOTHING to do with being a librarian, I will add this little snippet: our local public library has moved from its former location in an OLD Victorian home into a brand-spankin' new building! The kids and I visited it earlier this week, and rode the elevator (!) downstairs to visit with the turtles that reside in the Town of Esopus's brand new library building. I am so very grateful that both of my kids enjoy the printed word! I had to practically drag the two of them out of the library, sad to say. They enjoy getting to visit and play with the various toys and things that are set up in the children's room.

Thank goodness for the simple pleasures in life!

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