Monday, February 18, 2008

Has it really been over two months since I last posted? That is absolutely shameful. Honestly, you would think that SOMETHING would have happened at least remotely interesting/exciting/embarassing since then, but I can't come up with anything. I have finally stopped having "Morning Sickness." That's a really funny term, since the worst part of my endearing nausea would occur around 5:30 each evening, and last until I fell asleep each evening. It was a ball of fun for everyone in the house. Especially me.

Well, since I haven't posted anything since December of 2007, I can update everyone on the following information:

1. Yes, we are still scheduled to welcome our last little Greenlet in July of this year. According to the doctors and the sonogram folks, the 3rd is still the date of choice, whether or not the baby feels that way, I have no way of knowing.

2. I am still working as a School Library Media Specialist. Or, for those of you who prefer, school librarian.

3. We still reside in upstate New York, and are enjoying the frigid winter weather. Me, not really, but I have an image to uphold here.

4. We know the gender of the baby, and if you are a type who enjoys surprises, don't read the following sentence: IT'S ANOTHER BOY! We are kind of still up in the air on his name, but we know that his first name will definitely be Jacob. Any helpful suggestions with the middle name, please leave me a comment, and gimme what you got. A few ideas from us are David and Daniel.

5. I don't have any "belly shots," only because, well, I haven't taken any pictures, and frankly, ya'll, I don't really feel like showing my pudge that is possibly not related to the baby. (Meaning, do you really want to see my poochy tummy even though the baby is the size of a baked potato, a RAWTHER large one at that)?

I will, however, when it's closer to time, post a few shots for all of everyone to see. Just not now. Although, I do have the following picture to offer to all of you, and remarkably, it resembles me to a TEE right now! 

Check it out...

The ice cream cone, minus the cherry, is a really good rendition, and the round body, since I am pretty much round right now, and the pink, since I seem to be hot all the time, so the picture is EXACTLY what you would see if I were to post any actual photographs on here. Anyway!

I remembered that I never took the picture of the sign from the local business to post on here, but it went exactly like this:


That was featured on the local vets' billboard in front of the office. Around Christmastime, no less! I don't know if I found it more odd than funny, but it was just plain weird, if you ask me.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I will make it a point to post FAR more frequently than I have been as of recently!

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Terri said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. And, congratulations on another boy. I like the name Jacob. I'm also kind of partial to Daniel, too.