Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Since we are getting ready to get into a brand new year, I decided that I would update this wonderfully interesting blog.


Howya been?

I kind of "fell off" the blogging bandwagon long about April of earlier this year. (That year being 2008 and all).

To update all of my zero readers, Jacob David Green came a tremendous amount earlier than we would have liked, after my obstetrician placed me on bed rest. He had an irregular heartbeat, and had to be delivered by emergency c-section. What a treat that was.

Especially the part where my husband told me that he saw "my guts."

How endearing that romantical statement was, I tell you!

Anyhoo, I digress. Jacob arrived a smidge over six pounds, which is a pfft of a baby for me, and was just about nineteen inches long. He developed severe jaundice, which required bili lights, lost too much weight, which required additional feedings of formula that he really didn't dig, and a whole other host of things that come along with being a preemie.

But. Would I trade any of the experience in order to have a "perfect" labor and delivery? Not a chance.

I got my baby (healthy as God needs for him to be right now), and the way I look at it, I got extra time with him earlier than I would have expected!

And, since this is the beginning of a brand new year, I want to let all of you (okay, the zero of you) know what my new year's resolutions are:

1. Be a better mother to my three children (I am the first example that they see, and I need to ensure that what I demonstrate to them is what I would demonstrate to the Lord),

2. Keep a running tally of what I read throughout the year (I say that I'm going to do this every year, and I totally forget until around April or so. This year, I'm actually going to do it!), and

3. Think of others before I open my mouth about certain "prickly" situations. I say this because I sometimes find myself placing my foot inside my mouth, and I most wholeheartedly regret hurting feelings of those that I love and admire, because I don't take the time to think about how some might feel.


Since I have taken up ALL that time for posting my aspirations/goals/resolutions for everyone to read, I want to challenge those of you (ha. ha. Aren't I hysterically funny?) who actually stumbled upon my post to do the same. Post your resolutions, I mean. Not do the same resolutions as me, you see.

Only because I've heard that if you write down your resolutions or goals, that they are sometimes easier to maintain.

So we'll see.

Either I'll stay motivated to do what I claim I'm going to do, or I'll be shamed into it.

And I really don't dig shame.

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