Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ya'll, I just gotta tell you. Having children, it really schools you. REALLY.

Just yesterday, I ended up having to take little Miss Molly to the emergency room, because of certain "tinkle" problems. Well, those of you that are mamas already, you know into what territory I am travelin'.

Yep. I am referring to the unloved "U.T.I."

But, I gotta also tell you, little Miss Molly fights things like a trouper. She has only been sick maybe TWICE in her young little life. (I give credit to my mad skillz at nursing, honestly). The "man child," as Big Daddy refers to Trey, has been sick ever since he made his entrance just about seven and a half years ago. My mad skillz of nursing didn't work really well for Trey, since he chose to drink formula, and drink it from a bottle. As opposed to a frosty cold mug, or something else that was really intended for an infant.

Anyway, I digress.

So she and I are sitting in our cozy, private section of the emergency room, when we overhear a doctor speaking to the family of an obviously sick elderly person. (Now, ya'll, I have to tell you. I didn't want to listen, but when you are cordoned off from other folks with a piece of cloth, sound travels. It just does).

So. We are sitting, myself in a chair, and Molls on the gurney. And I happen to overhear the doctor telling the family that the "children" of the family need to be gotten together, since it seems to be "time." Well, I have to tell you, my child doesn't happen to understand the meaning of "shhh, quiet, baby," so she was singing her little heart out to the tune of "Old MacDonald, he had him a farm, e-i-e-i-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," and I was trying desperately to get her to stop, just so the family next to us would be able to say their goodbyes, and do what they had to do.

Evidently, I was doing the wrong thing, because, next thing I know, Molls tells me that she needs to "go potty," so we take off for the nearest one, and on our way back, one of the family members stops me, only to tell me that I don't have to keep Molls quiet, on account of how her mother LOVES the young children.

I think I need to learn to love like that lady. She truly exhibited Christ's love, and ya'll, I feel so horribly bad about trying to keep Molls quiet, I think I ended up teaching her a bad thing.

I hope that Molls in her young little life understands more than I attempt to teach her. Thank goodness that lady was there to demonstrate.


Terri said...

Yes, children certainly teach us a lesson or two. Sounds as if Molly brought some joy to a dying woman with her innocent, joyful singing.

Groovy Mom said...

That is incredibly sweet. Never know where you may find joy. What a treasure that your daughter was the one to give it that day. :)