Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ya'll, I have blogger's block.

I don't have any idea what to write about.

This is not good.

So I think I will make a list.

But what will it be about?


I know.

Here we go.

Things I Enjoy About Fall
  1. The changing colors of the leaves on the trees. For those of you that live WAAAAAY down south, I do apologize. I will try my hardest to take some pictures once the leaves start a-changin' up here. My daily commute to work is a forty-five minute drive, (mostly) down a two-lane country road that runs alongside the Hudson River.
  2. Going apple picking. Miss Molly's preschool class is going on a field trip in the next couple of weeks, and they are going apple picking! I plan upon taking a personal day from work to accompany my little peanut to a local apple orchard.
  3. Pumpkins. Need I say more? Sad thing about this is the fact that they now sell those pumpkins that are made from acrylic, and you can't carve them, or roast the seeds. Sad.
  4. Cool mornings that require a light jacket.
  5. Drinking warm spiced apple cider.
  6. Candy corn. COME ON!
  7. Caramel apples. With chopped peanuts stuck to them.
  8. Scarecrows that people hang on their front doors. Although I haven't seen any in a long while, now that I think about it.
  9. Smelling the smoky, woody smell that accompanies someone who is burning leaves.
  10. Going for a walk and hearing the leaves crunch underneath my feet.

You know what? Looking back through all of these things that I have listed, I realize that the Lord has truly blessed us to have our five senses, because if one is lacking or missing altogether, I wouldn't be able to enjoy any of these things. He is a wonderful Father, and I forget the "small" blessings that He has given to ALL of us far too often.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


His Doorkeeper said...

I absolutely love the fall mainly for the reasons you named! I love to decorate for fall...much more than Christmas. You have a lovely blog!

Terri said...

Fall is my very favorite season, too. I love what you did with the word "colors." So effective.

I can only imagine how lovely your commute to work must be. I've heard your part of the country is beautiful.