Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This is the way we tie our shoes, tie our shoes, tie our shoes...

Ya'll, I, along with probably the rest of the mothers whose children have yet to start back to school for the current school year, are SOOOOOO ready to go! Since I teach school, I think I have an unfair advantage in this, but I just have to say, "Hadn't that school bell run YET?"

Trey was told by both Daddy-O and myself that THIS school year, he WOULD be able to tie his shoes, or we would be placing good ol' velcro sneakies on him, and sending his little self to 2nd grade with (his words, not mine) baby shoes on his feet. Well. He didn't like that prospect hanging over his head, so he learned how to tie his shoes! You never saw such a proud kid in your life. He came running up into my bathroom, yelling, "Mama! Mama! Watch THIS!" whereupon he proceeded to TIE! HIS! SHOES!

I think he was a little excited when he showed me, ya'll, because he didn't even notice that I was, well, IN THE BATHROOM!

So after he showed me his brand new trick, I told him just how proud I was of him, and he looked at me, dead in my eyes, and told me, "Well, Mama, since you and Daddy told me that I had to be able to do it before 2nd grade, I figured you really meant it this time."

Figured I meant it this time.


So I guess, in the future, if I really need something done, I will refer myself to the current or near future school year number, and I. WILL. GET. IT. DONE.

Figured I meant it this time.

Don't that beat all, ya'll?

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