Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Friday, everybody!

I just came from visiting Boomama's blawg, in which she had blogged last night's MSU and LSU game. It was a sad affair, to say the least. I tuned in to the game around 10:30 or so last night (which was 9:30 central time), and there was no pointage going down for the Bulldogs, so I figured poor Boomama was not having herself an enjoyable time. I'm sure everyone has sent their condolences already.

Well! We just came inside from mowing/weedeating/sweating/not having fun outside. It's extremely nice out today; we had a nice breeze blowing, no hot sun beating down on us, but I just do not enjoy the "gardening," or, for the TRUE term, "manual labor for which I do not get paid." Because I want it never to be said that I am harboring something other than the truth!

A sad occurrence occurred (?) while we were outside.

Daddy-O, since having had his knee surgery, is not really able to use the push mower, but can operate the riding mower. (I cannot answer any questions as to WHY we need both a push and a riding mower; I just chalk it up to the fact that my husband feels the need to have any and every power tool that was created, and is displayed all nice and shiny-like at Lowe's).

Anyhoo! Ya'll, I was doing the weedeating, and the thing started a-smokin'. And you know that, me, being a woman, figured, oh, it's probably supposed to be doing that. It probably doesn't matter that it's a little sketchy-soundin', either. Well. THAT was incorrect, for those of you who are like me, and who know near to nothing about what is correct soundage for your outdoor power tools.

So our Troy-Bilt weedwhacker/weedeater/weedexterminator is going to the hospital. And I think that I may be in the doghouse when Daddy-O gets back from the power tool hospital.

I'll keep you updated on its condition.

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Terri said...

My husband does not let me near any of his power tools or anything with a motor for that matter.

Sounds like your husband trusts you with his or he did up to this point anyway. :)