Monday, August 21, 2006

Introducing... Beth Green, former 4th grade classroom teacher-turned school librarian! After moving with my husband and two children to upstate New York from Clarksville, Tennessee, I returned to school, and got my master's degree in Information Science and Policy. Real Engligh, please? I will continue to teach in public schools, but this time around, I will be doing so from an actual school library! YAY! I can't wait!

Since my blog is entitled, "Conscious Thoughts from a School Librarian," here is a thought, that I, as an actual school librarian, have to offer you today:

Why is it, whenever a student/child/patron would like for you to locate a book for them, is it always phrased this way:
"The book that I am looking for is blue and has a horse on the front cover. OH! I forgot. And the title has the word 'the' in it."

Funny thing, how our memories work, especially with those visual items, isn't it?

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